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November 11, 2010 at 21:09 2 comments

today started out pretty much the same as yesterday.  anne slept in, then she started puking.  she was licking the window of the Go train on monday when we travelled to the city for the royal winter fair (post to come… patience!) so i’m not really surprised that she ended up with a stomach illness.  no joke, when i confronted her about licking the window, she protested that it was dirty and that she had to clean it.  i rest my case.

i eventually got the kids out the door and to shoppers drugmart where i procured some gravol and before too long the girl was singing and dancing all over the house and i had to keep reminding myself that she was still too sick to be tickled and spun around.   i have no idea where the dehydrated girl who hadn’t eaten in 24 hours got her energy from!

when i wasn’t cleaning up vomit (seriously, ALWAYS just 3 inches away from the plastic!) i was trying to get elliot to focus on his school work or trying to clean up the house that became severely neglected last night.   i think that eli is starting to get sick as well though because he got extremely emotional this afternoon, about how i must not love him because i won’t let him have a pet cat.   in an attempt to get elliot to drop it, i started showing him youtube videos of puppies.  not that he’s getting one of those either, but any distraction from the cat nagging is a good one.

unfortunately youtube suggested a kitten video shortly after the puppy one, and elliot and anne ate that right up.  it was a furry little ball of newborn kitten just opening it’s eyes for the first time, accompanied by inspirational music.  the kids sat in my office chair  cuddling each other and gushing about how cute the kitten was for about 10 minutes.   i’m still not giving in on the pet issue.

after supper (i made elliot’s favourite to assure him that i still love him even if i won’t let him get a cat), i got anne to bed while elliot practiced his drawing on the livingroom windows with the window markers.  i’ve had them for ages, they’re made by crayola and their awesome.

elliot drew a cat, like he always does and then proceeded to draw a picture of himself.  he’s the stickman holding the leash and looking extremely happy.    anne is the little girl saying “oh” and is apparently wondering where her puppy is, if elliot got a cat.  and i’m the one in the middle, completely flabbergasted and perplexed about where this cat came from.  elliot giggled a lot when he explained his artwork to me.  he thinks he’s winning here, but i’m more practiced at this stubborn thing.


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this week was crazy fast! niagara visit #898304958439

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  • 1. Julie  |  November 11, 2010 at 21:30

    Nice. I had my own share of puking here today too. No cat discussions though… good save on the favourite dinner thing btw… if only he were so easily distracted about the cat!

  • 2. Natasha  |  November 14, 2010 at 11:26

    Sounds like quite a day!


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