this week was crazy fast!

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school this week was ahhh-mazing!  i couldn’t believe how well and how quickly it went!   math is getting a bit more complicated for anne, so there was some frustration with harnessing her focus, but that’s nothing compared to the first few weeks of school!  can’t believe that we’re going into week 10.

and speaking of 10… (master of segues!).. i’ve been making myself go to bed at 10 o’clock every night.   i normally like to go to bed around, say, 1? 2?  yeah, i’m a late night girl.  do you have any idea how going to bed at 10 cramps my style?!  i have time for NOTHING.

so why am i cutting my productive hours so short?

i intended to get up earlier.  not at an indecent hour like 6 or anything, but around 8 at the latest.  HOWEVER.  the midgets wake up around 7:30/8, and then go play quietly for an hour or two and let me sleep!  they don’t bug me for breakfast or anything… it’s really quite the problem and nobody else on earth will give me sympathy for it.  i thought that by going to bed at 10, i’d be more alert in the morning and just get up with them, but no– still the same problem.   i’m incredibly well-rested, but i only have enough time to get the required tasks out of the way before it’s bed time again!


i’m hoping that daylight savings time fixes this problem, because i am completely emphatic about not using an alarm clock.

this week’s crafts, despite the lack of time to do them:


arm warmers for the kids.  my friend natasha (hi gnat!) gave me some old knee socks, and i cut them up and sewed them up into way cool accessories for my midgets.    i love how anne’s intentionally posing in this picture.

i got my first order of fabric from connecting threads (an online fabric site that is run by the same company that i order most of my yarn from) this week and i’ve been positively itching to get into it!  i finally got a chance to sew up a christmas gift today for my 11 year old niece.  the pattern was free, and the whole thing only use 1½ fat quarters.   love those things!  i didn’t take a picture of the lining, but it looks like this.  inside is a magnetic closure and a pocket where i’ll hide an itunes gift card for her.

and one last picture for you:

elliot woke me up at 6:40 this morning to show me this!  it’s the first lost tooth in this house and there was too much enthusiasm for sleeping after that!  i’m not going to count on this to get me out of bed early every day, but it sure was a great way to wake up!


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