October 26, 2010 at 21:28 4 comments

1. school is going really well!  like, REALLY.    it’s so much better than i ever thought that it could be, and we’re flying through the weeks at an alarming rate– already into 8 weeks!   i can’t believe that i’m actually enjoying being part of a routine and schedule and being responsible for my kids’ education.  that just floors me.

2. another thing that i didn’t think i could actually enjoy:  sewing.  i’m actually, surprisingly at a point where i’d rather sew than knit.  part of that is because i love learning new things, and part of it is because sewing doesn’t hurt my wrists the way my marathon-style of finishing a knitted project does.    elliot really enjoys sewing as well, actually.  he has a stuffed animal collection, and we’ve been working on expanding that together.  last night we brainstormed a penguin design together, then went out to michael’s and spent $3.30 on felt, came home and sewed up penguins.  elliot traced the beak-triangle on the yellow felt, cut it out (using the sharpest scissors i own!) and drew the pupils into the eyes below:

why two? because i can't make one for elliot without making one for anne too :P

3.  i’m still knitting.  i was recently commissioned to make a dress for a friend of a friend, and i actually got to make it up and ship it off to a stranger!  i can’t really explain why that felt so cool, but it did.  plus, getting paid for knitting is a nice perk.  i’ve also been knitting hacky sacks.  derek wanted a jack skellington one, and then that was so fun i decided to make myself a goomba one.  then people started asking for their own, and suddenly i’m a hacky sack factory.  totally suits me though, since i really live for completing the project and those babies [aside from embroidery] can be done in one movie!

4. i’m trying to learn how to hacky sack.  we played socially during our lunch breaks in high school for a while, but i don’t know if i ever even hit it without someone shouting “hand!” as soon as i made contact.  i’m up to 3 consecutive NON-hand hits, but derek’s at 14 so i’ve got some catching up to do.

5.i’m teaching my kids to walk.  distances.  i don’t think they’re too bad to start off, but since i homeschool and phys-ed is good for all of us, we’re ditching the stroller and the car in favour of strengthening legs and building endurance.  today’s endurance was a little more directed at me, i guess.  as i had to carry anne half of each way squashed between my back and my backpack full of library books.  45lbs.  uphill both ways.  haha.

6. i’m going to see wicked tomorrow!  i’m really looking forward to a train ride (full of knitting) into toronto,  hanging out with a friend and absorbing some performing arts.  as much as i’m enjoying homeschooling, crafting toys, and carrying kids all over the city;   i’m really looking forward to my break tomorrow!



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lessons this week this week was crazy fast!

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  • 1. Pattiisknittinginflashes  |  October 26, 2010 at 21:43

    We’ve seen Wicked twice so far and would see it a hundred times over. Great production. Hope you enjoy it!

  • 2. peacockchic  |  October 27, 2010 at 01:55

    LOVE the hacky sacks especially the Jack Skeleton one. Wish I knew how so I would have an excuse to make and play with one.

  • 3. Kristi-Anna  |  November 1, 2010 at 15:08

    OK … so we need a dress here! Seriously. And now that I’ve seen Sadie wearing hers in the cold weather, we SO NEED ONE ASAP!! Sophia is um, 6, her dresses are in the size 7 range tho. Also, hacky sacks… might you take orders for those as well!? I’d love two for my boys for Christmas :)

    • 4. bononers  |  November 1, 2010 at 15:59

      i just finished making one for a friend (hacky sacks)…. what do you want yours to look like? i also planned on making the chomp guy and a red mario logo one for the “nintendo line up” but i can’t seem to stop filling orders long enough to make them!
      also… the dress. i just keep forgetting that you want one, sorry! size 7… got it. i have to look at my stash to see what yarn i have left from that project, and then i’ll let you know your options. i should probably just be emailing you this stuff!


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