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derek and i left the kids with their grandparents last weekend and joined a few other adults in taking 40 teenagers to a youth event held by some of the churches in our area.  it was somewhat unnerving to leave the midgets, but i knew that they were loved and safe so that eased the abandonment issue enough to allow me to have a great time with the teenagers of our church.
we had a fantastic weekend, but didn’t get home from picking the kids up until about 8:00 sunday night and after putting them in their beds, i went comatose on the couch attempting to catch up on emails.

mondays are always the most stressful when it comes to our homeschool.  it’s the start of new math units, the reenforcing of schedule and the day where you can see the whole week stretching out before you with no end in sight.   i try to combat the monday thing by spending sunday night cleaning the house, planning the menu and groceries for the next week and making sure that i have everything on hand for science experiments and the like.  ideally i start with a clean slate on monday.   ideally i don’t fall asleep at 8:30 sunday nights.

this monday, the monday after a weekend away, we started with suitcases and backpacks and laundry all over the floor, no ideas for meals that day, and plans for the afternoon.   not a great start, and it was all topped off with squirrel poo.

apparently, while we were gone for the weekend a squirrel decided to house sit for us.  except it didn’t leave when we got home.  it stayed and trashed the house while we slept.  it chewed through cracker boxes and insulation and even chewed the part of the window that you pull when you want to open it.   it kept the kids up at night, and woke them up early in the morning.  what it didn’t do, was go into the trap.  it went everywhere else (according to the feces) but stubbornly avoided the ritz cracker and peanut butter in the cozy little cage.

so not only was i overwhelmed with piles of  to-do laundry and luggage and library books and toys littering the house, i was confronted with areas to disinfect before i could accomplish a simple task.

elliot’s also had a cold this week, so the “monday” factor was multiplied by a billion and i had such a hard time getting him to focus and finish his work.

FINALLY, tuesday morning the stupid animal took the bait.

the kids spent some time taking pictures of it and feeding it almonds before we released it back into the wild.  this is possibly when the week started to pick up for me a little, because derek asked if elliot could go with him to drive the squirrel out of the city, and my reflex response was “we have two days of school to do right now, and it’s not going well.”  but then i realized that those kind of moments are exactly why i homeschool, and should be cherished.  so elliot went off with his father to have some boy-bonding time and anne and i had some one-on-one time of reading books, which was really a great thing for me too.

after that, the school thing wasn’t so stressful.  elliot started to get over his cold and ended up doing so great for the last two days of the week.  i was able to clean the house little-by-little, now that i didn’t have to decontaminate it every morning.  and i got the laundry done.  well, sort of.  i have it cleaned and dried– the folding/putting away is pending but i’m making progress!  and, i’ve learned a valuable lesson:  if i want to avoid the “mondays”.  i really have to embrace the “sundays”.

ps:  we’ve been all about learning lessons this week.  lesson number two:  taco shells and toasters don’t mix.


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