meet the kids

August 28, 2010 at 19:40 Leave a comment

anne & elliot

i would like you to meet anne (on the left), and elliot (the right).

anne is a free spirit.  she’s sloppy, disorganized, and creative.  she puts her own spin on things, and embellishes when things get boring.  she doesn’t follow the rules exactly, but knows how far she can go before she’s completely off the mark.    she redefines expectations and finds fun in any situation.

elliot is a perfectionist.  rules exist for a reason, and there is more fun to be had if you reside within the set boundaries.  he is careful, meticulous, and artistic.   his sense of right & wrong is so strong that even when the directions call for the red dots to be holly berries, he will “do what’s right” and give the snowman his deserved buttons instead.

i just love that my children’s opposite personalities shine so clearly through this simple craft!


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still experiencing firsts one week down

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