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this morning derek and i took the kids to see toy story 3.  big whoop, right?  i mean, every good parent and school has already done that a month ago and it’s not really the talk of the moms anymore.  but!  our kids had never seen the first two films and we didn’t own them and fat chance of getting them from the library when the third film is at the height of its popularity.
a friend of mine recently remedied the problem for us and we’ve been watching her DVDs like there’s nothing else on t.v.  the kids have been absolutely loving toy story, and derek and i have been too. they’re such great films!
the  movie was still [surprisingly] in theatres, and derek had the day off so we decided to treat the kids to their first cinematic experience.  we didn’t tell them where we were going, and they didn’t even know that a toy story 3 had been made.  so when elliot read the words on his admission ticket this morning and saw “TOY STORY 3” he was wonderfully incredulous!  could it really be?  a toy story THREE?!  golly!  and since anne had missed that whole interchange completely because she was too busy running and singing all over the lobby, we got to experience another great reaction from her.
everthing was new for the kids.  the big screen, the stadium seating, the crazy chair with their hinged bottoms that they were barely heavy enough to keep open, the surround sound, the lights lining the carpet on the stairways… everything!  their eyes were wide with wonder and anne was quivering with excitement and it was all just so… gratifying.
elliot turned 6 at the beginning of this month, and i’ve been realizing that anne’s no baby anymore either.  when i saw them thoroughly embracing every facet of this new experience with wide eyes and wonder, i realized that they’re not babies, but they’re not done exploring and learning yet either.  after today i’m thinking of how their reactions to the theatre were no different from their reactions when they took their first steps, ate their first piece of chocolate, or spelled their names for the first time.  the joy of discovery is just as alive now as it was then, and i’m thoroughly enjoying this revelation.  i can’t put it any better than elliot did when the movie was over and the crowd began to clear: “this was a great surprise!”


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