sign of the times

July 25, 2010 at 17:56 2 comments

when my sisters and i were younger we had a variety of ways of preventing boredom in church.  there was passing notes in our secret language of poppyup, tic-tac-toe (or gigantic boards of S.O.S), playing with our hair, and the colouring thing that i introduced to elliot the other night to help him with his boredom:

alienfirefoot the first person draws the head, while the other isn’t looking.  elliot had a hard time with this part because he has my sense of curiosity.  however he also has derek sense of justice so when i used the “cheating” word to describe his actions, he quickly sat back in his chair and waited patiently for me to finish.  once i was done the head, i taped a piece of paper over it and passed it to elliot to draw the body.  when we were kids we’d just fold over the top of the paper to hide the previous drawings, but elliot requires crease-less paper (derek’s sense of perfection… (aside: this is how derek ended up with moi)) so we did the taping thing.

i’m sure you’ve all played this game because i know it wasn’t original when my sisters and i drew our various humanoid representations.  i’d nearly forgotten about it though and i’m really glad that it’s been resurrected in my home.  elliot wants to play again tonight, and this time he gets to start.  i’m predicting a mario head and can’t wait to pair it with a fat belly and a pair of butterfly wings.  so glad that my son is old enough to play this game with me!


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warp, weft, and something about a shed still experiencing firsts

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  • 1. Karyne Whalen  |  July 26, 2010 at 22:43

    I LOVE this idea. I think , barely, remember playing this as a kid. Thank you for sharing on your blog. I will use this when I’m with kids who need something interesting to do! LOVE it!

  • 2. Julie  |  July 27, 2010 at 19:27

    Awesome drawing! I never heard of this game though…


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