i forgot my camera

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this past weekend the kids and i tagged along on derek’s grand biking adventure to london.  my sister lives in strathroy, so we stayed there and played.  i was kicking myself for not bringing my T1i, but derek’s van got broken into and cleaned out during his friday night ride, and i’m 98% positive that i would have left my camera in there to be stolen had i remembered to bring it. (and since our insurance company isn’t replacing anything for us, i’m doubly-grateful that it didn’t get stolen!)
hooray for the adventure-cam though!  i really like always having a camera on my person, even though the white balance on my little olympus is garbage.  photographs of the memory are still appreciated, even if they’re not the best quality.
so without further bladdy-blah, here’s my weekend:

1. arrive in strathroy in time for some delicious beef stew and an evening swim.  bernadette’s dog was hilarious in the pool, and watching it scramble over the edge was one of the most hysterical sights i’ve ever seen.  after the midgets were in bed, bernadette and i biked all over her little town with a small break at the ice cream stand halfway through.

sometimes it falls into the pool, and sometimes onto the ground.

2. wake up saturday morning and take it extremely easy until around 10:30 when we left to go to clovermead apiaries.  we spent our time there learning about bees, playing in the sandpit and taking pictures in the barn.  bernadette brought her camera, and i thought that i’d transferred the pictures over to my computer, but it seems that i was mistaken and all of the good pictures are in her possession.  the kids went absolutely crazy over feeding the goats from their hands, and over a little barn kitten that attached itself to anne.  the rest of the day involved more fun stuff and the watching of shutter island (and if you know me, you know i can’t handle suspense!) and just chilling out with family.

reading about how many wings are on a bee

racing on the go karts

3. sunday we went to berni & greg’s church in the morning, and then derek and i spent some kidless time looking for some replacements for the things that were stolen from the van.   the reason for the “date” wasn’t so great, but i really enjoyed being able to hold hands and talk together.  the kids and the sisters spent the afternoon in the pool while derek educated greg about the world cup while watching the finale.  elliot did AMAZING in the pool!  he’s always been a bit timid with water, but because the dog was swimming,  elliot tried to doggy paddle and discovered that he could actually trust his water wings.  long after anne and berni had abandoned the pool in favour of gardening, elliot was still going strong and adamant that we never get out of the water.   of course eventually we had to get out, dry off and begin the unpleasantly necessary task of packing up our stuff.  it didn’t take long before the robinson house was de-gilmored and our bellies were full and on the road again.

found a wheat field beside berni's church

elliot! take a picture of us!


they gave up swimming in favour or rescuing flowers from the evil weeds.

elliot and buttons practicing their "doggy paddles" together

the kids were so disappointed that they had to leave “aunt desiree’s house” and even more upset about leaving the cat and dog behind.  elliot requested a dog for his birthday, and when i turned him down he tried to negotiate one for christmas.  um, no.

the kids are already talking about the next time :)


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