cheeky little boy

June 8, 2010 at 13:54 1 comment

elliot hurt his leg, and when i went to check it out i realized that he was going commando.  so i sent him to his room to garb himself more appropriately.  he came back in pyjama pants.  so i sent him back down to his room, and he returned again pants-less and carrying every article of clothing (for his lower body) that he owned.  i then asked him to take it all back to his room and put on pants.  he came back to me one final time, having obeyed implicitly.



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impatient look at what i got!

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  • 1. Erin Weston  |  June 10, 2010 at 13:48

    Hey Joan,
    Just got the link to your blog from facebook. Don’t know if you remember me from the MBC days, but we were there together. Love your blog! I’m a knitter and a homeschool momma too. Nate and I have five kids now and I’m just starting to pick curriculum for next year too. The summer gets away on me and I am usually scrambling to get all the books in September.

    Thanks for letting me read your stuff….and great job on the wool! You are one crafty woman.



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my life in pics

3 different types of wool and several froggings later- i finally have my finished star stitch pouch! great pattern by @allaboutami! mistakes aside- i'm happy to have a proper home for my tombows. swipe left to see pics of my creative kids joining me for a crafty afternoon!
#crochet #tombowusa getting ready for a tasty girls' night! 
#sushi #butcooked one of the biggest and unexpected blessings of youth ministry, is having former youth kids turn into adults who invest in my own children. so thankful to have the amazing @sarahpowerscyr for a violin teacher.

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