trying new stuff:

June 4, 2010 at 22:03 Leave a comment

  1. today i baked hamburger buns, and i’m afraid that i can never go back.  (recipe here)
  2. i’m currently soaking my first skein of bare wool.  going to dye it tomorrow morning; could be interesting with the midgets inevitably wanting to help.
  3. researching homeschool curriculum before the end of august.  that one’s keeping me pretty busy.
  4. going to bed before 10:30.

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you can learn anything from the internet dye job

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my life in pics

beautiful day for playing with guns 🔫 i know that i'm not easy to love: i can't be baked for, cooked for, or touched. i'm independent to a fault, and yet, you all keep finding ways to cover me with love and encouragement. big public thank you to my family and friends for persistently showering me with blessings, encouraging texts, and for continually bringing my family to God in prayer. we took family night to derek tonight, and filled that room with laughter!

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