last weekend

May 22, 2010 at 11:07 2 comments

last weekend pretty much KILLED me!  it was a wonderful way to die though, so i thought i’d write from the after-life to tell you all about it.  it all started with a knitting party…

it ALWAYS starts with a knitting party!  i know that the world in general doesn’t get the “knitting party” thing, and can’t imagine it being fun or even why those words are juxtaposed.  but we do these knitting parties so that my sisters, my mom and i can all stay in touch with each other, and trust me– this is a group worth staying in touch with!  the food theme this month was “mexican” and hosted at pauline’s house (she recently came back from a trip to mexico).   after all of the yummy food,  the lebrun sisterhood (and mom, who i automatically include in that group) banned together to surprise pauline with a new sewing machine so that she could release her inner Martha.  it was a “just because” gift, and she had an awesome reaction.  after all of the food, the suprises and of course, knitting, i pulled out snorta.  i got snorta for mother’s day, and i was SO looking forward to playing it with becky, noah and all my sisters!  we had a great time yelling animal noises at each other and getting rowdy late into the evening.

the next morning i met up with my friend sherri at a little greasy spoon on the canal in st. catharines.  we ordered breakfast, were entertained by my kids chatter and caught up on the what’s-what of our lives since the last time we’d seen each other.  sherri and i have been friends since grade 7!  i don’t know what grade i’d be in now if we were still counting, but it amounts to ALOT of years as friends!    after breakfast (and the unfathomable chaos of sorting out my bill) we went for a walk on the canal path where my kids got to watch a boat go under a bascule bridge.  (sherri, i totally looked that up.  and i didn’t know what it was called before!).   eventually we headed back to our cars and our respective homes.  it was a good visit, and great to get some fresh air and enjoy the beautiful day.
we went back to becky and noah’s place and spent (no joke) the rest of the day on ATVs.   my parents used to farm about an acre of their land (which they referred to as “the garden”… an acre of garden!) and last weekend that area was a veritable swamp!  it was awesome!  also the paths through the woods and brush made it so adventurous.    i took a break after a few hours to bat a ball with greg (berni’s husband) and when i wasn’t batting, i was chasing the balls that my other family members hit (some weren’t such a huge run… ahem… berni…. cough, cough..).  i felt so rebellious every time that i took off after a ball, knowing that i shouldn’t be running but remembering my love for the sport every time i took off.  my knees are still feeling the results of that one though, despite my return to physio stretches.  boo-urns.  and then back on the ATV!  my mom ordered pizza and we all ate outside around the huge fire that my daddy built.  sounds like a really great day, right?   it totally was!
and then after i got my kids showered and into bed that night (where they fell asleep INSTANTLY) and i spent 20 minutes brushing mud globs out of my hair, my mom and i headed over to desiree’s for more knitting and a movie.  and candy.  yay!

there's mud on her teeth!gotta refuel!

when sunday morning dawned, i was so exhausted!  and i hurt.  like, all over.  every muscle group was sore! my daddy made me breakfast (his sunday morning breakfasts are legendary) and then i packed up the car and headed to my parents church, making it just in time to get to my dad’s sunday school class.  after church i said goodbye to the family, and then the kids and i headed home.  we stopped on the way for a lunch picnic in the car, and not long after that the midgets were asleep.  absolutely no surprise there!  my kids had so much fresh air and exercise that weekend, and they loved every moment of it.  when we got home, i succumbed to my exhaustion.  i didn’t care where i was or who was there or if my sleep for the night would be wrecked– i was passing out and nobody could stop me.   it was a wonderfully deep sleep and try as i might, i couldn’t come out of it.    and that is why i say, niagara killed me.


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  • 1. Bernadette  |  May 22, 2010 at 12:42

    First of all, I totally hit one over the barn! Second, my husband still has a ball shaped bruise on his chest from that line drive you hit at him :D. He says it’s awesome, pfft… Whatever :P.


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