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so this week i’m taking a break from social networking sites.  i go through phases of forgetting that they exist, and phases of forgetting that the rest of the world exists beyond facebook, youtube and twitter.   i’m not much of a lurker, and i don’t spend an abundant amount of time creeping other people’s profiles, so i honestly don’t know where the time has gone when i’m on my computer for so long.  i don’t even play games!  the huge loss of time is a big deal to me.  i consider time to be our most valuable commodity.  once it’s spent, it can’t be got back.   so when i get in a FB-slump like i was in last week, then i know it’s time to take a break.  however, the unfortunate thing about being in one of those slumps is that you don’t really realize you’re there, so it’s not so simple to make the decision.

last week i was looking at FB on my ipod and thinking about how much i don’t want people’s status updates and comments to ruin iron man 2 for me.  i complained to derek and derek-style he replied: “so don’t check facebook.”


so i deleted the social networking apps off of my ipod and have had a productive (if somewhat lonely) week thus far.  i’m a homeschooling homemaker, and i enjoy interacting with other adults during the day, even if it’s just virtually.  but it’s also because i’m a homeschooling homemaker that i have to stop e-socializing  so much.  my kids are really benefitting from more interaction with me this week, and my home as well.  i’ve been knitting, baking, sewing, schooling, cleaning, organizing and running errands and spending more time with God.  i’m crossing things off of my to-do list and i’m benefitting from the decision.  i feel like i’m spending my time more wisely and at the end of the day i have no regret for how i spent it.

i’ll be back on all of that stuff on thursday, but i know that when i come back i’ll be in a phase of “forgetting they exist” instead of the other end of the spectrum, and that makes me happy.


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