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tuesday night anne and i celebrated girls’ night with a trip to canadian tire for some ant traps.  not very exciting, i know.  but we had to get the traps and any time spent together counts as quality.  anne is crazy about flowers, and seeing the garden centre was like disney land for that girl.  she also spent a good deal of time playing on a riding lawnmower while i caught up with my friend jessica, who works at CT.   after we finished up our business at canadian tire, we used up the rest of our time at mcdonald’s sharing a smarties mcflurry.  we had some great conversation and i finished off another girls’ night feeling amazed and blessed by my little girl.

wednesday was a beautiful day, so we headed out for a family bike ride / rollerblade, and enjoyed the weather.  elliot’s training wheels got moved to the highest level, and i’m certain that they’ll be off before summer is officially here.  he loves riding his bike so much, and is always wanting to race other people on wheels.  anne is hilarious on her bike: she sings at the top of her lungs while she pedals as though the cameras were already following her.  she also dances, which can be a bit problematic when she gets really in to it and starts shaking the handle bars back and forth rapidly.  we enjoyed some freezies on the swings shortly after our ride, and then derek and i did some yard work while the kids continued to play.  it was a satisfying blend of family time and productivity and sunlight and every other great thing in this world.

when we weren’t outside enjoying the weather, we were focusing on school work.  i know the year is almost over, but i feel like i’m just getting in to this school routine thing!  elliot has been vigilant at finishing his math work, which is really all that we need to do to officially finish senior kindergarden.   my boy is so smart!  often i’ll be prepared to explain a math concept to him from another angle or to refresh his memory, but he’ll finish his math sheets before i even get a chance to help him.

anne has also been working on school over the last couple of weeks, and has obviously soaked up a lot of the stuff that elliot has been learning without me intentionally teaching her.  she’s not supposed to start JK until the fall, but she’s really eager to learn and i’m totally taking advantage of that.  perk of homeschooling :)

so that’s what we’ve been up to in school and life this week.   yet another week of teaching my kids and learning about them and from them has gone by.  time is seriously speeding by me, and there’s nothing that i can do about that.  but i AM enjoying the ride!


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