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things i’ve done since getting my sewing machine:

  1. bean bags.  we’ve been playing catch with them,  the kids have used them as pillows for small toy animals, we’ve pretended to be dogs playing “fetch” with them, and fully intend to use them for hopscotch.  and for honesty’s sake: they’ve also been used as weapons.
  2. i mended a pair of elliot’s pyjamas that had a rather embarrassingly located hole.
  3. the clasp on derek’s man-bag broke and i put my machine through the joan-worthy test of sewing through 3 layers of webbing + bag fabric.   i didn’t think the machine could do it, but when i looked over at the singer it spoke to me and said “bring it.”  so i did.
  4. finished elliot’s pyjamas.  the ones that i made from scratch.  there was a pattern piece missing from my borrowed pattern but i improvised and it all worked out.  i had moments of sewing the right side to the wrong side and then having to pick it out and do it again, and many trips to fabricland to find materials that i didn’t know existed.  i finally confronted an employee and asked for a tour of the store and shamelessly asked her my noob questions.
  5. i made this.
    it’s a dress that’s half sewn, and half knit.  i knit up the bodice last night and sewed the skirt on this morning.  i definitely over complicated the design of the skirt, but the pattern assumed that i knew what was what in sewing lingo, and i clearly didn’t.  definitely learned from the experience though!

in fact, that’s pretty much how all of the above things worked:  i had no idea what i was doing and the only way to get an idea, was to have a learning experience.  elliot’s pyjama arms are too short, and the collar is REALLY wide, but i now know how to solve those problems for the next pair.

am i hooked with this sewing thing?  nah, don’t think so.  it’s never going to become my “knitting”.  but it’s also not something that i’m afraid of anymore.  i’m definitely happy with my machine, and equally happy with the number of items that are coming out of time spent with it.


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sewing this week

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