April 29, 2010 at 21:31 3 comments

there is absolutely no real reason why i can’t sew.  my mom’s a seamstress, all of my sisters can sew.  besides the family lessons that i’ve received, i learned sewing in school from grade 7 and up.  i’ve also had private lessons as an adult, but nothing seems to be able to conquer this impediment that i have.  and i break every machine that i touch.
that last thing has really hindered my progress.
anyway, long story short(ish):  i had reached a point where i had to suck it up or spend more money on clothes that everyone else in my gene pool could whip up in an evening while baking bread and cupcakes and mopping their kitchen floors.  so i got a machine.
i borrowed a pattern for pyjamas from my mom, since elliot is in desperate need of some.  i cut out everything while web-camming with my mom to make sure i did it right.  then  (after procrastinating as long as i could and avoiding touching the actual machine), i started sewing.  i only had one temper tantrum yesterday, and none big enough for the title today.  it seems my machine is joan-proof (except for that tiny knob that i accidentally pulled off- but it went right back on!).  unfortunately i still lack the experience, and am still in the phase where i have to run to fabricland a hundred times a day instead of getting everything all at once.   consequently, elliot went to bed in old pyjamas tonight and i made these instead.
not nearly as functional as pyjamas, but bean bags are way more fun than sleepwear!  besides, i’m counting these ones as a small victory against my handicap.


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kitchen experiment progress

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