school this week

April 23, 2010 at 21:25 1 comment

it’s been a while since i’ve recorded any school activities, and since i’ve previously declared it as a form of accountability, one would assume that i’ve been slacking.    and that would partially be true.


i know, i know.  but let me explain– i homeschool.  and also it hasn’t been THAT bad.  according to the ontario curriculum for SK, elliot’s in grade one.  so i’ve been backing off on the themes while the weather is nice.  we’ve been pretty focused on our math program though– i’m determined to get through it before it’s impossible to stay indoors.

today we reconciled the desire to go outside  with the need to do school, in this manner:

i set up a bookstore  in the living room (library books with post-it note price tags on them,  the cash register and some coins for my boy).  he would “purchase” a book inside with exact change, and then we would go outside and he would read it to me while anne ran around the yard singing with her imaginary friends.   so we got language arts done, and math.  and playing outside.

also in school this week:
no joke– i woke up this morning and my first thought was “anne’s four, and she doesn’t know her alphabet.”  can’t even tell you how bad that made me feel!  elliot was reading at 4.  not to compare children or anything…. sheesh.   she’s learned a lot on her own just from the scant teaching i’ve given  her, but today i started being a bit more intentional.  she’s so good!  like, surprisingly.

so that’s what we’ve been doing in school this week and the last.  and probably next week too.  you can’t really blame me for not blogging about it, because it’s not really all that interesting.


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gymnastics kitchen experiment

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  • 1. Jennifer Heemskerk  |  April 25, 2010 at 22:21

    Hey bononers,
    I found a great website about 2months ago and have been following it quite regularly. Anyway, it’s about a family of 6 almost 7- and the mom has just done a recent post of why she chose to homeschool. I thought you may want to take a peek.



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