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i’ve been wanting to sign the kids up for gymnastics for at least two years now. there wasn’t really anything stopping me except for the fact that i’m a champion procrastinator, and so busy that i’d only remember to research gymnastics once i was already in the shower or on my way out the door.   anyway, i eventually sat down a week ago and called a couple of gyms to find out the details about gymnastics and before i knew it i had signed the midgets up!  officially!
so last thursday we headed to the gym and despite being the only kids not in a “leotard” or ballet slippers, they had a fantastic time. so fantastic in fact, that they’ve been telling everyone they see that they went to gymnastics class and jumped in the cheese pit.   it was a little painful to watch anne at the first because her captivation with the apparatus rendered her deaf and disobedient.  the coach was really great with her though, and had anne towing the line by the end of the lesson.    watching elliot was completely opposite to the experience with anne, and i can’t really find words to express the pride that i felt as i watched him overcome his hesitation to try new things.  he is by far my most favourite boy in the entire universe.   pretty sure he charmed his coach as well, because she was spending a lot of one-on-one time with him.
the night before i was doing my best to get the kids excited about gymnastics (they were a little nervous) so i “pretended” to lock my keys inside the house on our way to swimming lessons so that i could show the kids how useful a little bit of gymnastics could be in real life. ahem.
elliot took the adventure-cam and recorded most of the process while i relived my teenaged-years.

removing the screen with a pair of scissors (didn't damage it!)

i found an old pair of scissors in the shed for prying the screen off

using the compost bin & garbage can to reach the window

used the compost bin and garbage can to get high enough to reach the window.

this is why derek wants the windows locked shut when we go out.

mantled up and climbed on in. this is why derek wants the windows locked shut whenever we go out!


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girls’ night school this week

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  • 1. Melissa Davies  |  May 3, 2010 at 01:04

    Wow what a story and nice pictures as well that was a realy cool mommy thing for sure congrats Jake!!!


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