girls’ night

April 13, 2010 at 21:24 1 comment

chasing seagulls

girls’ night started a year and half ago with elliot’s first evening at tuesday night clubs.  anne and i walked him to the church, said goodbye and then she started crying because she wanted “her elliot’.  so that night we started the tradition of doing things that were so fun, she wouldn’t even notice being left behind while eli hangs out with his friends.

there’ve been a wide variety of events including picnicking in the living room and colouring princess pictures together,  trying on colourful wigs at the dollarstore, doing boring groceries, and sharing a doughnut and hot drinks at tim horton’s.  tonight anne aimed high and declared that we should go to the beach together.  we didn’t have much time to spend there, but tonight proved the theory of “quality” over “quantity”.

we ran all over the beach chasing seagulls and then running away from them when they started to fly away.  we had races down the pier, climbed huge rocks and even played on the pirate ship playground.  at one point we entertained a young couple at the end of the pier with our conversation about buoys and how we’d have to wear a life jacket in the water because anne doesn’t want to sink to the bottom and have a dolphin eat her.   we also checked out a huge boat and way too early, my ipod alarm was singing at me to go pick up elliot.

anne and the boat

i think that there are only about 3 or 4 evenings left of clubs for elliot, and that makes me a bit sad because it also marks the end of our weekly girl-outings.  next year my anne will be old enough to stay with her brother, and it’ll be just me who’s left behind.    i have this tiny fear that once we aren’t required to spend time together each week,  our intentional time together will slowly dwindle and disappear.

i think that this is the kind of stuff that people were talking about when derek and i first started having babies and they all said “having a kid will change your life.”   totally.


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  • 1. Kristi-Anna  |  April 25, 2010 at 16:51

    Way to go. Make me cry. But good on ya for doing those special things with Princess Anne :D I like to do those things with Miss Phi too… since she’s home with me all afternoon while the others are at school… but come September, that will all change, as SNIFF sniff, my wee baby girls goes off to grade 1!


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