fitbit flex band tutorial

i love my fitbit! i’ve had it for almost a year, and it consistently motivates and propels me toward a healthier lifestyle.  the love died a little bit recently when my device malfunctioned, but the company was great and sent out a replacement for me with minimal frustration. relationship restored!   

derek, my lovable and problem-solving husband, decided to try to tinker with the old fitbit device, and wear it for a few days.  i always use the large wristband and wear the device on my ankle.  derek needed my large wristband, so i was forced to go back to wearing my fitbit on my wrist.  i love my fitbit– i hate the bracelet.  

so because i needed another ankle band, and because i needed it NOW, and because i didn’t want to spend money on it…  i made one.  and now you can too! here’s a very basic tutorial.  it’s an easy project, but requires some experience with online tutorials, because i wasn’t overy photo-happy with all of the steps.  

first:  cut your fabric.  the short side of the rectangle is 2.75 inches, and the long side is your ankle (or wrist) measurement, plus 1.5 inches.  

next, serge all of the edges (if you don’t have a serger, then do whatever you usually do to stop edges from fraying), and iron the rectangle.  at this point, i fold the rectangle into thirds and press again.

with the fabric folded, choose a spot about 1/3 of the way across your strip, and sew a straight line perpendicular to the fold. then measure 1 5/8 from that seam, and sew a parallel line.  you’ve now made the pocket for the fitbit device.

   you can stop at this point, add snaps and be done. that’s what i did with my impulsive prototype.  to make it more finished however, topstitch the edges closed (tucking under the serged ends when you get to them.  

don’t topstitch over the pocket! give it one last iron, then attach your snaps. 

insert your tracker between the folds of the pocket, and wear your new stylish fitbit band with pride.  then make one for your husband, and another one for yourself, and maybe a few more for your friends.   these bands are so much more comfortable than the hard plastic ones, and a great way to use up some scrap fabric.   i hope that you make one for yourself.  if you do, please comment and let me know how it went!


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belgian backstory

in april, derek and i celebrated our 15th wedding anniversary with a trip to belgium.  we got a lot of “why belgium?” questions,  so here’s the back story:

so a long time ago, derek and i both worked at muskoka baptist conference (now called muskoka bible centre).  we went to summit college and stayed on as full time staff.  through mbc, derek and i became friends with a strange european boy with long hair and skinny jeans (before they were cool).  we quickly became a trio of friends, with stephan leaving every few months to head back home to belgium.

L-R: stephan, me, derek

it was during one of stephan’s belgian stints that derek and i both separately began exploring the idea of going on a belgian stint of our own.  when we found out that the other had been thinking the same thing, it pretty much locked the idea in for us.

my journal from first trip to belgium.

so in march of 1999, we said goodbye to our families and boarded a plane for a 3 month adventure.  cell phone technology was very new, and staying in touch with my family would be limited to writing letters, and hoping that the calling card i carried with me would work from across the ocean.   my first time viewing the ocean was from a plane window.

stephan’s family was tied to the mission organization Operation Mobilisation, and our belgian adventure was mostly with the purpose of serving God in europe.   we definitely made time for sightseeing, but the focus was working 5 days/week at the OM base doing maintenance.

a day's work

it was perfect, but a lot of places in this world are.  so why did we want to go back to belgium?

when derek and i were friends, we declared that we wanted to marry each other.  not because we were in love, but because we didn’t want to live our lives without our best friend.  so we decided to start praying that we would fall in love.  at that point our friendship transitioned into courtship (derek even asked my daddy’s permission!)

the bible shows us how to love all over the place, with the most famous passage being in 1 corinthians 13.  it tells us all of the things that love is, and is not.  so we decided to use that passage as an instruction manual.

all of that happened before we went to belgium.  but it was IN belgium when God answered our prayers.  a lot of people ask “how do i know he’s the one?” or “what if he’s my soulmate?” and there’s a lot of uncertainty there.  i believe that yes, God has a match for you, but i also believe that love is an act, and something that we can choose.  when we choose to love, the uncertainty is gone.  there was definitely a moment when i looked across the mission’s base at derek and knew without a doubt, that i wasn’t just “trying” to love him, but that i had fallen in love with him.

this story is more sappy that the stories that i usually like to share, but it’s a story that honours God, and so it should be shared.  it’s also the story that explains why we went back to belgium.

the photos are either of my journal, or drawings from my journal.  i wrote in it almost every day for 3 months, and reading it again tonight brought back some great memories. wish i still had that discipline!  i’ll try to get back on here soon to share some pics and write a little something about our 2015 trip.

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belly-friendly pancakes

 you know what i hate about blog recipes?  the preamble.  let’s go!

⅓ cup pecans

½ cup oats

1 Tbsp chia seeds

¼ cup flaxseed

1 Tbsp plantation sugar

¼ tsp baking powder

¼ tsp salt

1 tsp cinammon

throw all of that into a blender until the pieces are more or less uniform in size, and it looks like a coarse flour.

then add:

2 eggs

1 overripe banana

and blend it again.  

then you cook it like a pancake! i set my griddle to 375 degrees, and close the lid on it to make it cook faster.   flip after about 3 minutes.  this part is specific to what you have to cook it on.  a frying pan on the stove will work just as well- just keep your eye on it! 

top it with blueberries or maple syrup or both, like i do.  this recipe makes two gigantic pancakes, that will fill you up for the entire day. 

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4:30 has to be good for something 

good morning, friends. i’m really tired. i woke up at 4:30, which is more of a bed time for me, than a get-up-and-go time.  since i’m lying in the dark with a gigantic box of tissue, and a myriad of reasons that my body won’t sleep, i’ll use the time to post a quick update or two.

let’s go!

update #1: anne’s birthday party.

cousins  in tutus

i rented a hall, and schemed with anne’s ballet teacher, and together we threw anne a ballerina party with all of her friends.

despite my being super-prepared for this party,  it was still chaos. i love chaos.

the guests arrived and ate, made their own tutus, had their ballerina hair done, and did their own makeup.  then they got to work with miss maggy (anne’s ballet instructor) to learn, practice, rehearse, and finally perform a ballet for their parents. the girls all worked so hard, and miss maggy was a wizard with them. I also loved that entire families came to see the performance!

behind the scenes (and often the camera), my sister bernadette was a whirling dirvish of activity. we’ve started this tradition of helping each other out with our daughters’ birthday parties, and i really really really could not have pulled off the party without her!

did i mention there was also a blizzard that day?

okay, on to the next:

update #2: anne’s birthday gift.


her birthday gift from us this year, was an elsa dress, and tickets to see disney on ice.

we took the train into the city with a group of girls and their moms, and had dinner together, before walking to the arena for the main event.

when anne first received her elsa dress, she was ecstatic because she had been asking for one since first seeing frozen.  plus she absolutely loves anything handmade. she looks past all of my sewing mistakes and genuinely believes that i can make anything. it’s simultaneously endearing and terrifying.  when I told her about the rest of her gift (train, dinner, show), she was apathetic about the whole thing.

the day after the show, however, she was so thankful for her gift, and declared it “the best birthday present ever!”  shout out to my friend rachel for being the most organized person in the world, and arranging the tickets & dinner!

i’m wordy before the sun is up! and also, so done. i’ll hopefully do another update before we leave for belgium (if you follow me on instagram or have noticed the theme in the sidebar– you’ve been counting down with me!).

going to try to nap now! i know this is totally morning for most of you, but it’s really not morning for me!

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tonight’s the night!!!!

it’s seriously the biggest night of the year in my world! it’s sister sleepover time!!!!!!

you can’t come, because you’re not one of the 6 crazy LeBrun girls, but here’s an imessage sampling of what we do when we’re together:














i can’t wait to be ridiculous in person with all of my sisters tonight!!! i stayed up until 2:30 this morning, getting my food contributions prepped for tonight’s party. i’ve got a gigantic stack of christmas presents ready to load into the car, and i may even have a round of beanboozled ready to play if the night needs a little more oompf.

looking forward to a very full weekend of family, laughter, and an equally full heart.

have a great last-weekend-before-christmas!

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my blog died.

i’m never home, and when i am, there are sixteen hundred and forty two thousand things for me to do in my free time.  i write in my head, but by the time i’m sitting at the computer, i have no idea why i sat down in the first place.  so that’s my apology with an excuse for anyone who has been wondering “whatever happened to that little blog of joan’s?”

and now i’m just going to pretend that i didn’t fall off of the face of the earth, and pick up right where we left off:

i retired.  but i kept making stuff, obviously!  i love making toys and always having yarn in my hands!  so there’s a little problem there, and let’s see if anyone out there caught it.  anyone? anyone? hmmm.. i don’t see any hands in the air, so i’ll just tell you:

i have loads of stuff with nowhere for it to go!   so today i made a facebook page for all my stuffs. of course, i’ve made the facebook page mentally many times over the last few months, but today i actually had time, opportunity, motivation, and a computer– all at the same time!

if you want to check it out, here is the link.  and just an FYI- it says “happiness made from YARN!”.  i’ll be fixing that cover photo up lickity-splickity.

my little page

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on retirement

my parents had 6 girls, and every christmas morning we woke up to brand new christmas dresses, sewn by my mom.  we also unwrapped handmaid dolls, enjoyed home-baked goodies, and delighted in all of the things that my mom had created out of raw materials.   she’s a wonder, truly.

on the other side of my genetics, my daddy took an insecure and depressed teenager under his wing, and brought me to work with him as a contractor on weekends and during the summers.  i learned how to dig basements, mix concrete, build decks, frame walls, build trusses, and mud drywall (among other things).  my memories of those days with my daddy and the things that we built with our hands, are treasured.

my grandfather taught me how to knit when i was 17.  i started out with a sock, then couldn’t bring myself to knit another one.  so i moved onto hats, and kind of parked myself there for a while, because they were quick enough and offered enough variety to feed my creative monster.  eventually, i stumbled across this pattern, and the toy-maker inside woke up and took over.

i had made a few toys in my woodshop before i had kids, but y’know…. not so easy to use a jig saw during nap time.  pretty easy to lay down a few rows of knitting though, so i did!  then i learned how to crochet and sew because i wanted the finished products of the patterns that i kept finding all over the internet.

i used to take photos of the toys that i made.  it was fun to pose them and set up backdrops and lighting and was basically, just another way to be creative with my creations.  as i started to post those pictures on my website (and later facebook), people started reacting.

so here’s where the retirement comes in:  i couldn’t keep up with the orders.  at first it was great, because it meant that i could buy more materials to make more things! but the list of custom orders grew and grew, and the wait time for those orders grew and grew.  the time i had to be creative and spontaneous, shrank and disappeared.

if you know me well, you know that i’m crazy.  i spontaneously throw things in the car and go south for a week (without a map, or cell data).  i cut my hair impulsively.  i buy cats within an hour of seeing a mouse in my kitchen.  i’m a free spirit, and i can’t even stand the constraints of knitting a second sock.   so you can imagine how the joy was sucked out of my hobby when each photo that i posted, led to me making several of the same item.  totally threw off my groove when i wanted to act on new ideas.

besides that, i couldn’t bring myself to charge very much money for them.  i started with “just pay me whatever.”, worked my way up to asking for the cost of materials, and then towards the end when it started to feel more like a job, i was finally able to ask for a teeny tiny profit.  i think that when i did the math, i was making something like 30 cents an hour.  also, the items were flying from my hands and out the door before i could even snap a cell phone photo of them.

my hobby had stopped being a creative outlet, and had become a job.  i was always happy with the finished product, and flattered that my work was in demand. i just couldn’t deal with the way that my creativity was stifled with deadlines, demand, and no end in sight.

one of my sisters mocked me and said that i would “always be a toy-maker”, because it’s just who i am.  i totally agree!   i can’t resist the urge to be creative, and toys are totally my niche.  i was raised as a DIYer in absolutely every area of life.   i know that eventually i will make toys again, but i also know that when i do, i will take the time to enjoy it.  when i get back to selling things again, it will be things that i’ve made and stockpiled because i wanted to, not because i had a deadline to meet.

thanks to everyone who encouraged, complimented, and ordered from me over the last few years– i don’t want to end off with complaints!  i truly valued each opportunity to stretch my skills and to create custom toys and hats for you!  seeing pictures of your little ones holding their new toys or wearing the clothing that i’d made for them, totally rocked!  when i eventually start making toys again, i really hope to see more of those photos!


some blog posts about the things that i’ve made
things i’m inspired to crochet on pinterest
things that inspire me to knit on pinterest


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